Ester Soto

  • Ester has a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from the Institute of Higher Studies of the West, ITESO. She is also an Internationalist from the Rafael Landívar Jesuit University of Guatemala, URL.
  • Ester has received diplomas in Public Policy and Government, Results-Based Budgeting, Evaluation of Programs and Public Policies, Management Capacities and Institutional Strengthening, as well as Administration of Non-Profit Organizations. She has also attended workshops on Management of Development Projects and on Development of Sustainable Cities.
  • Ester has experience in design, planning, research, management, execution, monitoring and evaluation of projects, processes and public policies.
  • She also has experience and skills for coordinating strategic planning processes in third sector organizations.
  • Ester herself resides in Guadalajara, Mexico, from where she leads the work of Nex Fundraising in the western region of the country.