Workshop and Consulting for the Design of Capital Campaigns for Infrastructure Projects

Consulting for Universities, Educational Centers and Museums

OBJECTIVE: Design a Fundraising Capital Campaign for Infrastructure Projects and Space Equipment with the support of major individual donors, entrepreneurs and companies.


  1. Institutional Diagnosis and Budget Definition of the Infrastructure Project: Construction, Expansion, Remodeling and/or Equipment
  2. Implementation of the Workshop for the Design of the Capital Campaign
    • Digital Material of the Positioning Campaign: Website, blog, social networks, emails and events
    • Digital Material of the Fundraising Campaign: Website, blog, social networks, emails and events
    • Organizational Chart of the Campaign Committee, Directory of Donors, Budget and Work Plan for the Implementation of the Campaign
  3. Workshop for Training Campaign Leaders
    • Board of Directors or Board of Directors
    • Alumni / Graduates
    • Volunteers

By the end of the workshop, your organization will have:

- Capital Campaign designed
- Campaign Leaders ready to share the campaign and manage funds for the Infrastructure Project


24 hours

¿Necesitas ayuda con su Diseño de Campañas
Capitales para Proyectos de Infraestructura?