Design of Strategic Plans for CSOs members of International Cooperators

Consulting for Governments and International Cooperation

OBJECTIVE: Strengthen the strategic planning, governance, innovation and sustainability of NGOs, through the design of their Institutional Strategic Plan


  1. Identify, through an institutional diagnosis, the organizational priorities and the key strategies that should be included in the new Institutional Strategic Plan.
  2. Recognize the priorities of governance, accountability and institutional transparency of the organization, through the design of the Board of Directors Plan, the Executive Management Plan and the Financial-Legal Plan.
  3. Facilitate the sustainability and diversification of the organization’s financing sources with key international, public, corporate, academic and civil society actors, through the design of the Fundraising Plan.
  4. Position the organization and its staff as experts – leaders in the issues led by the NGO, through a constant presence in the media, at key events, on social networks and the Internet, through the design of the Communication Plan and Public Relations.
  5. Define the key strategies to strengthen the work environment, improve internal communication and generate high-performance, integrated and motivated work teams, through the design of the Human Resources and Internal Communication Plan.
  6. Prioritize the fundamental strategies to generate an effective management of the life cycle of the projects, which ensure their long-term financial sustainability and facilitate a real and measurable impact on the participants, through the design of the Program Plan.


7. Generate social innovation and institutional self-sustainability, through the sale of services or products with social value, creating a unit and a business plan in the organization, which facilitates the generation of own resources and less dependence on traditional donors.


  1. Executive Directorate
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Programs
  4. Human Resources and Internal Communication
  5. Finance, Operations and Legal
  6. Sustainability and Social Business
  7. Communication and public relations


    • Social Innovation
    • Sustainable Development Goals
    • Human rights
    • Gender Perspective
    • Environment
    • Peace culture
    • Empowerment
    • Governance and Transparency
    • Sustainability
    • Multisectoral Alliances


- Summary of the Strategic Plan
- Work Plan of the Executive Directorate
- Work Plan of the Board of Directors
- Program Plan
- Human Resources and Internal Communication Plan
- Finance and Operations Plan
- Sustainability and Social Business Plan
- Communication and Public Relations Plan
- Final Report: Conclusions and Recommendations

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