Who We Are

Who we are:

Nex Fundraising is a consulting firm specialized in fundraising, communications, social marketing, and corporate social responsibility for the sustainable development of non-governmental organizations and the private sector in the Americas. Our institutional identity is based on the following statutes:

  • Nex Fundraising faithfully believes that the empowerment of children, youth and adults is the most effective way to break poverty cycles.

  • Nex Fundraising, through its work with cultural institutions, advocates for the respect, knowledge and protection of the cultural heritage of Latin American countries.

  • From the scientific and academic standpoint, Nex Fundraising collaborates with universities and research centers for the sustainability and growth of their educational and training missions.

  • Nex Fundraising works with environmental organizations to strengthen their fundraising and communication strategies as well as to encourage society, corporations, and institutions to adequately care for, manage, and protect our planet’s natural resources.

  • As a transversal component, Nex Fundraising has the perspective of sustainability for the maintenance and development of social, cultural, academic, scientific, technological and environmental programs and projects.

  • Working hand in hand with non-governmental organizations and donors, we create alliances that promote sustainable development and generate a positive impact in emerging communities across the Americas.

  • Nex Fundraising recognizes that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are crosscutting components of our mission and vision, as well as a permanent practice of our core business.