Strategic Plans for Grantees
of International Donors

Strategic Plans for Grantees of International Donors

Consulting for Governments and International Cooperation

OBJECTIVE: Strengthen planning, governance, innovation, and sustainability of NGOs through the design of their Institutional Strategic Plans.


  1. Identify, through an institutional diagnostic, the organizations priorities and key strategies that should be included in the new Institutional Strategic Plan.
  2. Identify the priorities of governance, accountability, and transparency of the organization, through the design of the Board of Directors Plan, the Executive Management Plan, and the Financial-Legal Plan.
  3. Facilitate the sustainability and diversification of the organization’s financing sources with the support of international, public, corporate, academic, and civil society donors through the design of the Fundraising Plan.
  4. Position the organization and its staff as experts – leaders, through a constant presence in the media, events, social media, and Internet, through the design of the Communication Plan.
  5. Strengthen human capital, work environment, and internal communication through the design of the Human Resources and Internal Communication Plan.
  6. ,Strengthen the methodology of the projects to improve results and social impact in the participants through the design of the Programs Plan.
  7. Generate social innovation and institutional self-sustainability  through the design of a social business plan


  1. Executive Management
  2. Board of Directors
  3. Programs
  4. Human Resources and Internal Communication
  5. Finance and Operations
  6. Fundraising and Social Business
  7. Communication and Public Relations




-Executive Management Plan
-Board of Directors Plan
-Projects Management Plan
-Finance Plan
-Fundraising Plan
-Communication Plan
-Human Resources Plan

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