Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Nex Fundraising helps companies to create or improve their Corporate Social Responsibility Plan (CSR) with a sustainability perspective.

Nex Fundraising will guide you so that your CSR and Sustainability Plan generates:

• A competitive advantage with other companies of the same category
• Strengthened loyalty of customers in your brand
• Strengthened relationships with your staff
• Assistance in the social development of the communities where the organization operates
• Effective relationship with your suppliers
• Alignment with national environmental protection policies
• Improvement in your relationships with local and national governments
• Acquisition of fiscal savings through socially responsibility.

What are the stages to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Plan?

Stage 1: Diagnosis
-Sensitization (Stimulation/ Raising awareness)
-Comprehensive Diagnosis
-Business Ethics
-Mapping of Stakeholders
-Strengthening Corporate Governance

Stage 2: Strategic Planning
-Social Responsibility Plan
-Relationship with Stakeholders
-Quality of Business Life
-Environmental Strategies

Stage 3: Implementation and Dissemination
-Communication Plan in CSR
-Corporate Social Investment Plan
-Manual for the Creation of the Annual Report on CSR and Sustainability
-Plan for Corporate Volunteering and Strategic Alliances
-Creation of the ¨Shared Value¨ Model
-Impact evaluation

What key benefits will allow the implementation of a CSR and Sustainability Plan for your company?

  1. Brand strengthening within the market
  2. Increased loyalty among both customers and staff members
  3. Improvement of your company’s image within communities surrounding your business
  4. Production and operations enhancement through the development of symbiotic relationships with suppliers
  5. Improvement of local environments through policies that encourage the responsible management and protection of natural resources
  6. Sustainable development of emerging communities that benefit from corporate social investment strategies
  7. Strengthen relationships with local and national governments
  8. Highly strategic fiscal administration plans that stimulate Corporate Social Responsibility